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Jeff, great post and Happy Birthday Ken! Just one point, I think it's the 1986 Mets who incite, I can't believe the Art couldn't provide insight.. :-)

Jeff Silbert

thanks Scott, it took me a minute to solve the riddle, typo fixed.

Richard Caccappolo

Jeff, great post. We had Art Shamsky at our Opening Day for Greenwich Village Little League a few years back and he was fun. The older Mets fans loved him. We got him to attend because Buddy Harrelson held out for more money than we were willing to spend! And one day I have to tell you about all the riders in the Mr. Met appearance contract...

Jeff Silbert

Thanks for sharing Rich, your comment brought back little league award dinner memories for me. Our league would have pro athletes attend, even football players (we had Clark Gaines from the Jets one year). I will remind you about Mr. Met next time we meet...

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