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Nice post Jeff. I'm sure you've seen this video, a great affirmation of your post:

Jeff Silbert

Thanks Scott, I know Simon a bit and have heard him speak, he has a great message. Coincidentally, he blogged a couple months back about the need for commercials to entertain. Check it out..

Jimm Fox

Jeff, nice post and a good reminder that you need to understand what your key differentiators are.

I have to admit I stumbled when I read "what did it say about them" ... I drive an old Chrysler Mini Van. I'll conclude that just says I'm 'frugal' and leave it at that:)

Jeff Silbert

Funny Jimm, thanks for sharing!

Scott Barnett

So, it took me a while to get back to this, but I read Simon's blog post about entertaining. So, the question is, how does an enterprise software company that sells something that very few people will actually understand market itself?

Jeff Silbert

Great question Scott, marketing enterprise software follows the same rules as marketing any other product or service.
The trick is to market to the target and the influencers of the target and not be concerned about everybody else.
Even complex or niche offers should have a 30 second commercial although it is just the starting point to effectively developing a differentiated brand compared to the other choices that the target buyer can select from.


Wow, what a great post man. You really outlined how people will view you in the marketplace using CARS as an example. Love it man. I think we can all agree that we all wanna be BMWs ;)

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