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Paul Cronin

Rod on to something....

Two suggestions I have based on my own experience to help Rod is.

Start now and actively continue building a recruiting pipeline of top talent and you will see who the right staff are and more importantly be able to quickly take action. Finding top talent is a fulltime job and interviewing should be done monthly.

Two years ago we got a lot of the Team (mix) together and analyzed our clients. We looked at 2 yrs of history and went deep to see what clients had spent with us, thier Corporate top line revenues, economic IT spend, service to product mix, types of services (managed services +), referral client, market segment (we left some markets, strategic) part of our Client Advisory Board, went to our seminars, attended our events and in the end gave them an A,B or C. We looked at what would it take to move them up or out. At the end we came up with a list of C clients who were taking up a lot Sales, Sales Operations and presales time and gracefully transitioned them to another organization with a different business and labor cost model. This was hard for a 23 year old regional company but in the end we were both better off for it.

PS the Sales Team didnt like it because they were holding on to that $2k switch order but after they had more time to target the right clients they saw the opportunity cost related to their time was much better off with a new A client.

If you would like more insight related to either of these insights connect with me on Linked in - Paul Cronin

Jeff Silbert

Thanks Paul for sharing your personal/company experience on making the transition, wonderful insight. Extremely relevant to Rod and others that are in a similar position to Rod...


Read this as you ponder planning for 2011. It all starts with you.

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