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Scott Barnett

Jeff, good luck with your efforts! I too have low HDL (I've been around 40 since I was 30 years old) and have not had a ton of success raising it even though I do a lot of the things they suggest. My doctor isn't too concerned because my LDL has always been around 120. But I'm always looking for ways to increase HDL, so any findings you have please share!

In terms of exercise, early signup for the Spring Lake 5 starts Tuesday 2/1. My daughter and I will be running... want to join us? It's Memorial Day weekend, plenty of time to train, and perfect timing for your 5 month plan.

Jeff Silbert

Cool Scott,thanks for sharing, my LDL is in good shape as well (95). As for the run, great idea and experience to do with your daughter and would love to join, but I can't, knees won't let me.

Petia  A. Bradshaw

Hi Jeff,

This is awesome! I reposted it on my Facebook Fan Page as an example of allowing oneself to be held accountable by others.

Petia :)

Jeff Silbert

That's great, thanks Petia.

Rich Aguinaldo

Nice--I suggest a little dashboard in your newsletter to show the monitoring of your progress on attaining your goal.

Mike Galkin

The only thing wrong with Salesforce's public commitment is that they do not have an SLA. It's great to see how well the company can keep their server running and online. However a few years ago they had several outages in a single month; With at least 4 hours during the business day. We inquired about a service level credit and was told " does not offer an SLA" Well I told them we were going to leave because as we expect a company that is a Software as a Service we expect 100% uptime. Two months later we left and have never looked back. Its one thing to show transparency. It takes a 100% customer commitment to back it up with an SLA which unfortunately does not have.

Jeff Silbert

Fantastic point Richard, a great addition to the blood test would be to create a daily/weekly/monthly carbohydrate, calorie and exercise goal so I could measure on my own as well as publicly post every day leading up to the blood test. That is a much stronger commitment!

Jeff Silbert

Thanks for the point Mike. should post their SLA or lack of one if that is the case on their trust site so current and prospective customers can factor that in their decision. I am a big proponent of transparency.
Also although they are measuring uptime they do not appear to have a public goal that they are trying to reach (there may be a private goal that they do not share).

Tony Elder


Really cool idea to post this, I wish you the best of luck.


Jeff Silbert

Thanks Tony

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