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Scott Barnett

Jeff, now that my daughters are teenagers, one of the things I miss most is helping them get their hair "just so". That includes ponytails and pigtails - while my wife was always infinitely better at it then I was, I think my girls got a thrill at seeing my satisfaction of helping them in this way. You'll now miss it when it's gone!

Jeff Silbert

I'm sure you are right Scott, that's why I do my best to consciously enjoy the journey, thanks for the reminder!

JP Laqueur

Nice dude. I have to get my 10 year old's hair in a bun for Ballet sometimes - bobby pins and all. Took me weeks to get it right!

Jeff Silbert

Good stuff, thanks for sharing JP!

Michael Feldman

Hey Jeff, great post. Here's a quote I recently came across that I love and is quite relevant, "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

- Neale Donald Walsch

Jeff Silbert

I love the quote (and never heard it before), thanks for sharing it Michael

tim askew

Just a lovely post, Jeff. And I love the quote from Neale.

Tim Askew

Jeff Silbert

Thanks Tim!

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