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Frank Picarello

Great post and a great reminder for being a bit better than the rest. Standing out is good and necessary in business and sometimes it take some ingenuity and effort to be a little better than the rest. The rewards can be great. I need to get back to to find a hat like that!

Jeff Silbert

Thanks Frank and good luck finding a hat, should have gotten one for myself...

tim askew

Dear Jeff,

I continue to enjoy the business lesson's you bring from your lovely family. Thank you.

Did you ever hear a Stephen Sondheim song called "Finishing the Hat?" It's from a musical called "Sunday in the Park with George."

Tim Askew

Jeff Silbert

Just watched a video of the song Tim. It's beautiful, traditional Broadway. Then felt compelled to read the lyrics, as well as about the play and its background. I am a big impressionist era fan and saw the painting countless times when I lived in Chicago. Thanks for bringing all this into my world this morning!
Here's the youtube I watched...

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