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Scott Barnett

Jeff, I'm interested if your friend will continue to be loyal to Apple and if you remained loyal to your PC vendor. I have to say (and I know I'm in the minority) I don't understand why Apple is so popular - their customer service attitude seems to be "we know best and you will take what we give you". I remember when Home Depot was a young company and the raves they got because they accepted returns "no questions asked". That was a novel approach back then that we now completely take for granted. Except for Apple.

Jeff Silbert

Exactly Scott, Apple is implementing its core values which explains their poor customer service. Apple shareholders are not complaining, at least for now. Also, as of now, when there is a reasonable alternative I am no longer purchasing HP products.
(Also thanks for sharing the Home Depot example, I did not know they led with that approach)

Mike Steger

Interesting post, Jeff. From a legal perspective, the expiration of the supposed warranty from your vendor doesn't matter. The vendor's failure to provide you with the 3GB that you paid for is either a breach of contract, breach of the implied warranty of merchantability or fraud, all of which trump the terms in the vendor warranty. Looks like another example of a business choosing to run roughshod over the customer in the pursuit of expedient profits.

Jeff Silbert

Thanks Mike, I only noticed the performance difference after I got the new laptop so I am not sure how it happened although post sale makes the most sense unless they have had other people call in with a similar complaint where they documented the issue. Based on the immediate email I received from corporate I was expecting at the very least an empathetic call and to let me know ALL my post warranty choices to resolve the issue. Instead the call was all corporate policy with no corporate values. You have to hire for both.

Chris Vail

Jeff, once again, great post. We're of like minds, or at least, we're talking about the same or similar things around the same time. I swear I'm not just posting this to shamelessly promote my own blog, but I posted something today which expresses a similar theme - companies who put "policies of profit" ahead of customer service, the purchase of Skype by Microsoft being the trigger event. Companies like "get it" when it comes to making raving fans out of customers. Companies like HP and your retailer don't. If you or your readers are interested, my take on the MS purchase of Skype, and why it makes poetic sense can be found here:

Jeff Silbert

That's funny Chris, I appreciate your post.

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