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Scott Barnett


Nice thoughts and I'm sorry you no longer have your father to share today (and other events) with. My two teenage daughters did in fact wish me a Happy Fathers Day when I came back from the gym this morning, and even made me a homemade Father's Day card like they did when they were younger (my oldest will be 17 this Friday!). We went to the Mets/Angels game (great day, bad outcome) and had Italian Ices in Corona. A fabulous day and I know your girls will still be treating you like a King when they are teenagers because you deserve it :-)

Jeff Silbert

That's awesome Scott, thanks for sharing. A great day!

Petia  A. Bradshaw

Hi there Jeff!

What an awesome post:) I shared it on my fanpage as I do most of your posts. Keep them coming!

Jeff Silbert

That's great, thanks for letting me know Petia

Petia  A. Bradshaw

:) Feel free to become a "fan" of mine anytime. The URL to the page is: Once you do, you can also post things directly on the page.

Mike Galkin

It is these little things that make all the difference.

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