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Scott Barnett

Jeff, I have the exact issue, my HDL has always been low - although my LDL has always been low too, but the ratio is what matters. Interesting that your doctor said to drink more milk and eat more eggs. I can't do milk anymore (bothers my stomach too much), but I love eggs and will mention this to my doctor when I have my 5 year physical later this month. Congrats on the exercise, if you ever upgrade to running and/or biking I'd be happy to train with you! :-)

Jeff Silbert

Interesting Scott, as my doctor recommended I did some additional research and so at this point I have a beginner's understanding in the journey, let's discus some time. Also, 5 years between physicals, why so long? As for running/biking, I got some knee issues so unfortunately I have to be selective on which exercises my body allows me to do. For instance tennis and P90X are usually fine but not running unless it is to make a train or reach a drop shot.

Scott Barnett

I was told unless I had symptoms/issues, a physical once every 5 years was fine - I've been generally healthy, and my doctors physical is so detailed I don't know that I could handle one every year :-)

Actually, starting now (I'll be 45 this month) I think he's suggesting coming every year... which I will do. I see him in 2 weeks, I'm going to bring up the more milk/eggs discussion and then let's compare notes.

Jeff Silbert

ok Scott.

oakley canada

I am toallty wowed and prepared to take the next step now

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